LCO's flexible programs provide rigorous training for a career in osteopathy. Our graduates are trusted, safe and effective Osteopathic Manual Practitioners.

What is Osteopathy?

OSTEOPATHY is a system of manual diagnosis and therapy, concerned with the prevention and treatment of human ailments, that relies on the healing abilities of the body itself...

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Career Prospects

Upon completing the training program and successfully passing the Board exams, graduates of LCO are able to open their private practice. Many choose to work...

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At LCO I found classmates from various professional backgrounds, networking opportunities and most importantly, relevant courses that bridge my previous experience in the sports industry with hands-on treatment training.

Randy Kuchek , DO(MP), Personal Trainer

LCO proved to be the right choice for me. It has given me a firm base in anatomy and physiology as well as a thorough understanding of osteopathic philosophy, principles and body mechanics that underpin my work as a yoga teacher and as an osteopathic manual therapist...

Linda Van Horn , DO(MP) , Yoga Instructor