Did you know that aging of the skin around the eyes begins as soon as we open them in the delivery room? We blink on average of 10,000 times a day and for the first 12 years we rub, squint, pull and most likely, do not moisturize.

An abundance of proteins such as elastin and collagen, largely responsible for skin elasticity, allow us to get away with it for a while. But closer to our 40s, even those of us with a disciplined skin care regimen notice unwelcome skin changes such as crows feet or lines on the forehead…to name a few.

As we get older, the level of “youth proteins” starts a gradual decline, resulting in the emergence of visible lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Lack of sleep, diet choices, stress and prolonged sun exposure are other contributing factors. Another big one is our facial expression or mimic. Coco Chanel was not wrong when she said, “by 50 we have the face we deserve.”

The skin care industry has played a major role in helping us look good. Thousands of creams costing anywhere from a few bucks to hundreds of dollars per gram are being offered to every type of consumer. Facial acid peels, laser treatments, injectable line fillers and corrective surgeries are readily available. However, despite the popularity and effectiveness of the invasive treatments, there is a vast number of consumers who are looking for a ‘natural’ alternative.

Osteopathy, since its emergence in the mid 19th century, has been offering an alternative to the pharmaceutically driven approach to health care. Working with their hands, osteopaths are able to diagnose the cause of malaise and correct it through manual manipulation of the spine and musculoskeletal system. Incidentally, many people do not know that the origins of chiropractics lie in osteopathy, which was the first discipline to teach joint manipulation as a therapeutic modality.

As the demand for holistic skin care continues to grow, osteopathy has been successfully used in Europe as an effective anti-aging treatment for the face and particularly the eyes.

Osteopathic philosophy believes that with adequate stimulation, the body possesses innate resources to heal itself. Four main principles of this gentle manual medicine are:

  • The body operates as one whole unit
  • Structure (anatomy) and function (physiology) are interdependent and interconnected
  • An unimpeded flow of body fluids (blood and lymph) is essential to health
  • Given the right assistance the body is capable for self-healing

Osteopathic Estheticians use their hands to find the cause of the problem and correct it. Good understanding of anatomy (structure) and physiology (function) of the face and neck is an essential component of training. An osteopathic skin treatment is aimed at increase in blood circulation and lymphatic fluid output, release of micro-spasms in the facial muscles and joints, and deep relaxation. Osteopathic modalities include venous and lymphatic drainage technique, craniosacral technique, myofascial release and facial tissue manipulation.

Osteopathic treatment provided by a trained esthetician delivers remarkable results.

After a serious of 8-10 weekly treatments, clients report visible improvement in the face:

  • Healthy glowing skin
  • Reduced puffiness
  • Removal of under-eyes circles
  • Visible reduction of facial lines and wrinkles

For more information on Osteopathic Facial Treatments and how you can begin to incorporate them into your list of services as a skin care professional, click here