Step Inside Our Latest Clinical Training in Barcelona!

  From November 14-21, 2016, LCO held its first Clinical Training in beautiful Barcelona, Spain. Participants came from  Europe, North America, and even as far away as the […]

Aging in Spain

On a recent trip to Barcelona to plan our next LCO clinic (Dates TBA), I couldn’t help notice the throngs of elderly people sitting in the public squares. There they were, […]

Beautiful Eyes and Osteopathic Esthetics

Did you know that aging of the skin around the eyes begins as soon as we open them in the delivery room? We blink on average of 10,000 times a day and for the first 12 years we rub, […]

Skin Care Tips from an Osteopath

4 simple skin care tips for the face and eye area: Skin and muscles supporting the vision process (watching TV, computer work, reading or playing sports) experience a heavy load […]

Drinking and Digestion

Most of us know that putting sodas or fruit juices in our bodies is the equivalent of adding tar to our bathwater. Water always seemed like the only trustworthy substance. But lately, […]

Successful Aging

Recently, a young LCO student asked me what it means to age successfully. My answer was to describe the vision that I work towards every day. It includes a fit figure with moderately […]

Osteopathy and Yoga – A Complementary Relationship

Osteopathy is a system of holistic manual therapy that realigns the musculoskeletal system to facilitate the body to heal itself. Osteopathic medicine as a profession came into being […]

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