Philosophy & History of Osteopathy

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Philosophy & History of Osteopathy

Tuition Fee
US $179.00

Course Objectives

Philosophy and History of Osteopathy is intended to introduce health and wellness professionals to osteopathic medicine.  By exploring the paradigm that structure and function impact each other, this course ties anatomy and physiology together as the osteopathic approach is covered. It examines the origins of osteopathy and discusses its evolution in the United States, Europe and Canada. At the completion of the study students will gain a comprehensive understanding of osteopathic tenets as the core principles of osteopathic healing philosophy.


Lecture Slides, Related videos, Handouts/Readings provided


2 Online quizzes and a Final Exam. Passing grade 65%.


Philosophy and History of Osteopathy is delivered online through a series of 3 interactive lectures and video tutorials. Topics cover:

  • Osteopathy and its role within an integrative healthcare model
  • History of manipulative therapy & osteopathy
  • Philosophy of osteopathy
  • Tenets of Osteopathy as defined by A.T. Still

Lecture 1.

Lecture 2.

Lecture 3.

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Tuition Fee
US $179.00

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Course Reviews

M. Groenenveld
Fitness studio owner
South Africa
The course was very informative. I rate the course an A+ and would recommend it to others interested in learning more about osteopathic approach to healing and recovery.
J. Robinson
Yoga therapist
Engaging and down to the point, and is very well illustrated! I gained a clear insight into osteopathic treatment principles and philosophy behind them.
Massage therapist
This osteopathic literacy course is a useful asset in my massage therapy practice. I am able to see my client's conditions from a wider perspective.


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