4 simple skin care tips for the face and eye area:

Skin and muscles supporting the vision process (watching TV, computer work, reading or playing sports) experience a heavy load as a result of muscular tension. Rub your palms vigorously until they feel warm and place them on your closed eyes without applying much pressure and relax eye muscles for a few minutes. Feel the difference.

If you have more time, do eye fitness exercises for an extra 5 minutes<.p>

1. Take frequent sips of water or herbal tea

Lack of water in the skin contributes to formation of wrinkles and dark circles. To keep the skin supple, drink a large glass of lukewarm water after waking up. I add lemon juice to make it taste better. Drinking on an empty stomach not only helps restore moisture to the skin, but also stimulates bowel movements, moving toxins out of the body.

2. Spend time outside

For many of us living a busy life, spending time outdoors is a luxury. Allow yourself to indulge…after all, it’s free. All functions of the body require oxygen.  Deprived of it, the skin becomes dry and thin, particularly around the eyes. This leads to the formation of those dreaded crow’s feet.

3. Eat and drink what you like…in moderation.

When we feel good, we look good. Allow yourself a delicious cup of coffee if your blood pressure is low: coffee acts as a natural pick-me-upper. Enjoy a glass of red wine with a meal to relax after a heavy day: anti-oxidants in red wine have done well for world centenarians.

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