Studying in Canada

Canada Flag

Study in Canada for an exciting and rewarding experience! 

Affordable, World-Class Education 
London College of Osteopthy is held to Canada's superior academic standards which ensures that LCO students the quality osteopathic education.
Canadian living costs and tuition fees are lower than in many other countries.

Multicultural Society 
Almost all of the world's cultural ethnicities are represented in Canada and live together in a peaceful and respectful way.
The diversity of food, languages and religions is truly astonishing.

Health and Safety 
International students residing in Canada on a student visa may purchase an International Student Medical Plan for a reasonable cost,
secure access to a world-class health care system.

Language Immersion 
LCO is located in the English speaking province of Ontario where students have an opportunity to perfect their English in and out of class time.
 for info on ESL programs click here.

Possibility of Immigration
A Canadian College Diploma in Osteopathy may lead to obtaining a status of permanent residency in Canada.

   ...for more information visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. learn how to apply for a Canadian student visa click here

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What to Do in Ontario...

London: A vibrant city with students attending several nearby universities and colleges. 
Toronto: Two hours from the LCO campus, this cosmopolitan city (the largest in Canada) is full of restaurants, 
museums, shopping and nightlife.
Niagara Falls: A trip to this majestic world wonder is an unforgettable experience.
Aboriginal Culture in Ontario: Learn the incredible history and culture of the First Nation Communities in Canada.
Skiing & Snowboarding: The hills in Ontario provide views and challenges for skiiers and snowboarders of all levels. 
Hiking: For the nature lover there are thousands of scenic trails to explore.
Canoeing: No stay in Canada is complete without enjoying a canoe ride on one of Ontario's 25,000 lakes and rivers.
Water Sports: Tubing, Wakeboarding, Water Skiing... ​  
...and much, much more here to see snapshots taken by LCO students and graduates