For massage therapists and holistic professionals, now is the perfect time to invite essential oils into your lifestyle and business practice!

London College of Osteopathy and Health Sciences is proud to promote one of its students, Brenleigh Knutson, of Life Lived Naturally and Young Living Essential Oils. Brenleigh is currently offering 2 starter kit options.

The first is specifically tailored to massage therapists and includes a mix of seven single oils, each with unique and wonderful benefits to enhance relaxation. The second kit includes 11 various oils and a diffuser.

If you are interested in essential oils, but don’t know where to start, this is the perfect introduction for you!

Purchase one of these MUST HAVE beginners kit and become part of an Essential Oil community. 

Raindrop kit Includes: 

Seven Single Oils (5 ml bottles):

Thyme, which enhances relaxation;

Basil known for being both calming and refreshing;

Peppermint which provides a renewed feeling of vigor;

Oregano which is warming and provides comfort;

Wintergreen with its sweet minty scent and soothing properties;

Cypress which restores and promotes grounding;

Marjoram known to promote relaxation.

Two Oil Blends (5 ml bottles):

Valor with its uplifting and affirming scent;

Aroma Siez™ with Lavender and Peppermint, has relaxing properties.

Also Contains

8-oz. Ortho Ease® Massage Oil

8-oz. V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex

Starter Kit # 2 Includes: 

1. Lavender {sleep aid, stress, skin + nasal support}

2. Frankincense {immune support, healthy skin, stretch marks, scars, wrinkles}

3. Peppermint {congestion, digestive support, headaches, arthritis, sprains}

4. Lemon {energy, detox, bloating, uplifts spirit, immune support}

5. Purification {neutralizes odours, clear skin, pest free outdoors}

6. Thieves {immune support, colds, home cleaning, tooth aches, supports wellness}

7. RC {respiratory support, cough, colds, allergies} 

8. DiGize {digestive support, nausea, happy tummy} 

9. Northern Lights Black Spruce {grounding, calming, sleep support, nerve support}

10. Panaway {sore muscles, headaches, joint support, stressed nerves}

11. Copiaba {healthy skin, teething babies, muscle pain}

All of the above packs come with a diffuser of your choice. 

So many of us are waking up and only want the absolute best for our family and loved ones. Young Living Essential Oils are an integral part of a natural and healthy lifestyle.

*Shipments available worldwide. Price can vary depending on country

To try any of these amazing oils, email Brenleigh @